Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Beginnings

Hey everyone,

First a little about me for those that don't know me. I'm a 20 year old professional poker player that is originally from Belvidere, Illinois which is about 1.5 hrs outside of Chicago. I live in a small town that is surrounded by a lot of farm area, I actually am a bit of a farmboy as is normal for my area. I moved to Vegas when I was 19, and lived there until BF happened and then immediately moved back home. I then tried to move to Toronto, Canada, but got rejected at the border and ended up having to come back home for another 3 months to grind on Merge. I finally moved to Rosarito Beach, Mexico on November 1st 2011, and I have a year long lease at Calafia Towers/Resort. I will include some pictures of my place at the bottom of this entry.

Now that 2012 has started, I figured it'd be a good time to make a short post that is going over my goals for 2012. I post daily updates in my PG&C threads on 2p2, I love the fact that people can respond way easier on there which makes it more interactive and special to me. Here's a link to my SNE PG&C thread on 2p2

Anyhow, as the title of this blog says, I will be going for SNE in 2012 playing mostly 6max hyper turbos but also mixing in/game selecting $60+ 6/9 mans. It's very disappointing that as of today, Pokerstars doesn't seem to have any intentions to add higher buyin regular 6max or 9max hyper turbos (not satty), which will hinder my SNE chase greatly as it's obviously pretty tough to hit SNE grinding a $30 abi! I'm still holding out some hope that they will at least deploy $60/$100/$200 6max turbos, it would be absolutely absurd if they didn't realize at some point that they are making a very poor decision not adding the higher BI's in. Fish love hyper turbos and a fish's ROI is going to be closer to a reg's ROI in a hyper turbo SNG more so than any other format online.

Anyhow, as it stands now, I'll be only playing $30 hypers as that's all they offer right now. As of right now, here's how the chase is going. I'm a bit behind pace but I've also taken off 3 1/2 days and I'm not playing today, so basically I've taken off 1/2 of the year so far, haha.

Day 4
Starting VPP count: 10,333.04
VPPs accrued: 2236.56
New VPP count: 12,569.60
1mil Pace (@300 days played): 13,333.32
Pre RB profit: $264.18
YTD profit (All "RB"+table profit): $1411.27
Hrs: 19.7

I probably won't be playing tomorrow either as my roommate is returning to Mexico this evening and MellowYellow is coming with and will be staying with us until he gets his own place down here in Rosarito. I would naturally assume that I'll be busy giving Mel a quick tour of the town/helping him out with whatever he needs.

I do however have a motivation prop bet starting up on January 8th, my $500 to win $500. I have to play 250 or more hours between 1/8/2012 and 1/31/2012. It's going to be a pretty sick grind, but I hope it gets me into a good routine of putting in long hours in 2012. Should be a fun sweat, I've only put in 225+ hours in an entire month once in my entire poker career and it was in October, 2009 when I was doing a 180 man prop bet in BBV on 2p2.

I will keep this blog updated maybe bi-weekly or so, if you want to see more frequent/daily updates, please follow along with my 2p2 PG&C thread!

Thanks and gl to everyone on the tables



  1. Looks like a sick house. GL with the grind, I may be join you in Mexico soon.

  2. Haven't checked your 2p2 forum. Do you keep that updated unlike this blog? Or do you have somewehre that you post updates?

    I used to play a bunch against you back on your days on Merge at the $5-35 games. Checked out your sharkscope for the first time in a while and noticed that you managed to keep your graph pretty consistently even I was shocked I remember my swings used to be huge

    Anyways, best of luck!